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D: What does this mean, K-B-Y-E…
Me: ..K bye thanks.

What a n00b!


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Summer Love

D and I went for a little ‘road trip’ today, while belting out to these awesome tunes:

The Wombats – Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)

Jack Johnson – Flake

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He’s so sweet

*D leaving the room in the middle of our conversation
Fiona: Hey I haven’t finished talking
D: Hold on, I need to go bathroom. Just talk to yourself for a bit.

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Shepherd’s Pie

I’ve been cooking a lot lately. Here is my latest creation.

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He is so smrt

I made jelly last night and put in the freezer so it would set faster. After we had some of it, I asked D to put it back.

I was so looking forward to coming home tonight and eating the rest of it until I found it in the freezer, instead of the fridge.

Why does he do this to me.

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Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

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Paypal is a piece of fucking shit.

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